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09 May 2014

Many women suffer from cellulite, especially in the area of the buttocks Does pregnancy affect cellulite and works to increase it?

The cellulite is fat, but fat in the form of blocks prominent and visible, just does not. Women are more susceptible to Balsilolit compared to men, because it is linked to the female hormone. Stores fat reserves when the girls at puberty in the usual feminine curves of the body. My Personal Blogs

Appear in women often, when their weight increases, lumps or bumps in the areas of the body more than the other, which is known in the cosmetics industry, "Balsilolit." But this word does not appear in many medical dictionaries.

There cellulite often on the thighs and rear, but it can also appear on the knees, or hips, or abdomen or even under the arms. This has been associated closely female hormone, thereby increasing this problem after the age of puberty and during pregnancy. there is no evidence of the existence of something or eliminates cellulite works to get rid of it completely.

No herbs, and tablets (pills), nor any special foods or drinks, nor massage (massage), not even socks (stockings) or sleepwear.
However, it can help your weight loss, exercise and your practice and your business to tighten the muscles of your body and cohesion to improve the appearance of these areas.

Good news is that a lot of women find that the shape of their bodies has changed somewhat after a gestation period. May gain some weight in different areas of the body, or they may find Kspen or lost some weight at different rates. Often lose women who breastfeed excess weight gradually and steadily.
So you may find that you have cellulite gets worse during pregnancy, but it is getting better after that. You may find that you are also anxious to this matter much less when Tnajabin child.

If you continue in the interest in it, put a program of careful practice exercises after childbirth and Follow a healthy diet and try to lose weight slowly and continuously.


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