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03 May 2014
One presenter at the awards 'People's Choice' was model Heidi Klum. In a dramatic black dress that emphasized the silhouette and slicked hair looked fantastic, but traces of orange peel which is hinted as she sat in the audience confirmed that traces of cellulite no one is spared

Long black dress with slits edged with gold applications thanks to the deep slot failed to emphasize long legs Heidi Klum .
Toilet Julian McDonald for Germany's magic was an interesting choice, and her dramatic soften the delicate make-up and slicked back hair .

But one small detail has confirmed that a fit body, slender legs and smooth skin is not immune to orange peel.

She's at 39 years old manakenke visible only after cross-legged, big 'NO' and not just because...

30 Apr 2014
The lack of movement in addition to some hormonal factors important causes for the appearance of cellulite may appear before menstrual symptoms of emphysema and entrapment of water in the tissues under the influence of the female hormone estrogen may increase the weight of some of the women between 1 and 3 kg in the period,

and make it difficult to lose weight with this time and result in a gathering amounts of fat in the body and the greater the proportion of cellulite in the body tissues whenever harmed and hampered the work of the circulatory system.

30 Apr 2014
A very large difference between the phenomenon of cellulite , which is a metaphor for gathering water in the cellular tissue and between obesity or obesity, which is a metaphor for the gathering and the accumulation of fats in the body's tissues and arteries and whole cells.

 skin becomes thick and loses Aonth. It is a phenomenon are gradually but surreptitiously without feeling the person deformation Faalchukl: Click Here and Get

inflation, some areas of the body's natural, especially at the level of the basin is similar to a certain extent Jldalbertqal which is the most common Aghersa skin between two fingers and Hrkehma to feel the gathering of small nodules factors causing the appearance of...

30 Apr 2014
Great tool is the affirmation
Above the bed or on the refrigerator can put a card with a short positive messages such as: "I have a job that I enjoy," or "I am healthy," possibly

"I have beautiful children," who will encourage you.

Every morning, during the day and at night before going to sleep, repeat the sentence several times.
Change the seventh dictionary, no negative words

Try replacing terms such as "do it", "I" for "may", "can-do '. Also, as much as possible, avoid words to them.
You'll find that a lot of things suddenly begin to flourish itself

8th Do not smile at all costs
Positive thinking does not pretend that I'm happy and full of optimism even when I wanted to cry more!
Let your feelings free rein, feel free to and but then let...

30 Apr 2014
Third everything bad is good for something our grandmother used to say he had a right, of course.
Experts recommend looking for positive things, even where seemingly not

If you already robbed the car several times, try to say that you broke this time fortunately only a small side window
And no windshield and you're lucky enough that thieves overlooked

Time a timely flow of negative thoughts My Personal Blogs

If you get the slightest problem in your head automatically start off the pessimistic scenario, it means that your mind is accustomed to proceed in this direction and the need to streamline it and learn to walk the other way. "

Try to imagine for instance that you have in your head big brands...

29 Apr 2014

A women's issue - Experts believe that cellulite in a more or less pronounced form 90-95% of women suffer. "Orange Peel" can emerge as early as 13-14 years and persist into old age, being a constant source of suffering for the fair sex and all the matter in the structure of subcutaneous tissue:
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the ladies connective tissue fibers arranged in parallel (as opposed to men who have connective tissue is a grid), and because fat accumulates here easier and faster.

And if you add to the above that each adipocyte is able to grow in volume by 40-50 times, it becomes clear where unsightly bulges on women’s skin.

In fairness it should be noted that men still...

29 Apr 2014
The sooner the better - As with most diseases, cellulite develops gradually, so to successfully combat it important to begin treatment as soon as possible. In the first step by increasing the size of the adipocytes (fat cells) to a certain local area of disrupted blood flow, obstructed blood flow turns edema; seal the affected tissues, a lack of oxygen in the cells and poor drainage.

As a result, the structure of subcutaneous fat begins to change.

However, at this stage all the unpleasant processes are hidden under the skin, "orange peel" is only visible when gripping fingers folds (the so-called test-stringed), and nothing prevents a woman wearing mini-skirts or show off in a candid swimsuit.

 In the second step, gradually passing into...

29 Apr 2014

Cellulite turns out the opposite effect: sitting on a diet, we are not only reduced the amount of cellulite, but on the contrary - sent him another portion of reserves. Cellulite is not a disease to treat its rigid diet. The only right decision - right, a balanced diet, which, in contrast to the diet, and we should not observe a week and a month, and lifetime.
Many More Information

Cellulite Treatment - The term "cellulite" appeared relatively recently, in the 1970s. Beauties with paintings by Rubens and Titian were not even aware that they suffer from unsightly disease.

"Orange Peel" in those days was customary for all the ladies from her and did not think to get rid of. Modern...

29 Apr 2014
Products derived lipolysis, reduced the volume of adipose tissue surface uneven pressure is reduced and the individual sections of adipose tissue on the skin, with the result that eliminates or at least reduces cellulite symptoms.

Contraindications - the presence of any implanted electronic device, or other metal implants in the treatment, cancer and neurological diseases (epilepsy), pregnancy, breastfeeding, open skin lesions in the acute stage of the disease.Click Here For More informations

The recommended course of 6-8 treatments once a week - Cellulite removal method is absolutely safe TriLipo Body: rehabilitation after the procedure is not required, because the current does not damage...

29 Apr 2014

One of the factors affecting the occurrence of high cholesterol and heart disease and brain vascular follows:
• A family history refers to the injury of a relative of the first degree heart disease, vascular (genetic factor).

• Hypertension

• Diabetes

• Smoking

• High level of bad cholesterol

• Low HDL cholesterol

• High body weight above 30% of the level medium or high body mass index above 30 kg / m 2

• People who have been exposed to infection, heart attack or ischemia (angina or angina)

• People who live lives of monotonous free of physical activity and exercise

• Persons exposed to psychological pressures such as people working in government institutions the banks and the stock exchange and others.Best Ideas