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29 Apr 2014
The form these plaques in the blood clots start to clog least wide sections of the arteries, causing the case of myocardial infarction or stroke.

Research has shown, studies of food and medical that there is a direct correlation between the level of blood cholesterol and the risk of coronary heart reflected this relationship completely and cholesterol chemicals that occur naturally in food, body, and uniting with a fatty acid form a compound called (ester), which classifies the fat, and the types of cholesterol, two first is the type called HDL high-density and the second is malignant or LDL, which causes accumulation on the walls of the veins of the heart, which leads to and sometimes clogged quickly die part of the heart muscle...

28 Apr 2014
Revealed a new U.S. study conducted by researchers from the Institute of Orlando's heart for the emergence of a new therapy for the treatment of adverse effects, which keep track of heart attacks that lead to damage to heart muscle cells, using stem cells extracted from the bone marrow of the basin of the patient by a special needle
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The study also indicated that stem cells have succeeded in her job after it has been injected by the telescope that is inserted through an incision groin until it reaches the affected area of the heart, which evolved into new blood vessels in the heart muscle cells damaged and returned to the heart and its vital functions again and made beats stronger.

Here are some of the...

28 Apr 2014
Aspirin reduces the chances of cancer
Revealed a new U.S. study conducted by researchers from the American Cancer Society that taking aspirin, on a daily basis reduces the chances of cancer and lowers rates of emergence of new cases infected, and also reduces the rates of death resulting from infection of various cancers.

The study added that the use of aspirin, low-dose on a daily basis, had a major role in reducing the emergence of new cases of cancer by 20%, following the use of 3 to 5 years, while the proportion rose to 30% when using aspirin for more than five years, and as I said the incidence of death from cancer when using low-dose aspirin 75 mg on a daily basis for more than five years.

Cosmetics and scented candles raise the risk...

28 Apr 2014
Revealed a new U.S. study conducted by researchers that the drug, which is used to treat diabetes type II, his very effective in the prevention and protection from cancer of the liver

The researchers pointed out that the drug showed the effectiveness of a large sugar through his experience on mice in reducing the incidence of liver cancer, where the tumor activity say to a minimum, while the activity of the liver tumor your mice that did not get on the property as it is on the rise, and also enables the drug inhibition of the
manufacturing process of fat within the liver which contributes a significant role in reducing the chances of developing liver cancer.Free Health News


28 Apr 2014
Warned that recent U.S. study conducted by researchers that indiscriminate use is calculated X-ray or X-ray "x-ray" when checking teeth, and pointed out that it raises the chances of the tumor meningitis, which is more images of brain cancer common in the United States.
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The results of the study revealed that people who have undergone to reveal their teeth by X-ray or more times each year, the greater the chances of having a tumor meningitis brain by 3-fold, compared to people who did not make those rays,

 the study added, that the seriousness of radiation reached the maximum when conducting on the teeth of young children, where the study indicated that children less than 10 years...

28 Apr 2014
A recent study conducted by researchers from Columbia University Medical Center for new discoveries predict the emergence of new drugs for the treatment of diabetes type II, and through the influence the hormone glucagon "glucagon", which has the effect opposite to the hormone insulin, which raises blood glucose levels.
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The researchers found that the new treatment for diabetes lies in the inhibition of one of the enzymes, which is secreted in the blood after be associated with glucagon receptors liver of its own, and who owns this enzyme plays an important role in increasing blood glucose levels, which sends a protein aid to the cell nucleus, and tells her to secrete glucose in the blood.

The researchers added...

28 Apr 2014
It can, but watch out for the amount.

Intake too much liquid calories
Alcohol is highly caloric, and that you will not notice before your new pants start to tighten around his waist. It is similar with "fancy" coffees with lots of cream and assorted extras. Before you decide to drink another cocktail, think carefully because some drinks have 500 calories.
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Do you drink enough water
Water is the key to weight loss. If you let your body is dehydrated, your metabolism will slow down.
Kicked dairy products

Studies show that the body burns more energy when you get enough calcium. And vice versa, if the body begins to withhold calcium, that dairy products are full, it will be faster to...

28 Apr 2014
Whether it's to keep the menu of a thousand calories a day, or avoiding exercise, there are "little things" that are crucial in your fight with overweight

You have brought war kilograms, but the scale still shows the same weight?
Probably you are doing something wrong. Whether it's to keep the menu of a thousand calories a day, or avoiding exercise, there are "little things" that are essential in your fight overweight.Free Venus Factor Review Report

Check out what you're doing wrong.
First rely on restrictive diets
You have decided. I'll lose five pounds in a week! So all day eating only pineapple or cabbage soup and hold the entry rules less than a thousand calories a day.

Maybe achieve the goal and lose weight some weight in the...

26 Apr 2014
Take your first right into your life and let the body be. It levels out until you compare yourself.
Do not push, it does not help!

MARTIN: Life is not a straight line, but usually has the shape of a sine wave.
Once we go up, then down a second time.

This is normal and you need to accept it and learn to work.
When you stress, try to at least drink protein shakes, which supply the body with protein.
Then there will be no reduction in muscle mass. To promote vitality during times of stress are great vegetable juice.
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Confess in terms
Who is a Dietitian? Dietitian is a paramedical profession. The therapist must complete qualifying studies, mostly high school or colleges Health. For his...

26 Apr 2014
Healthy food makes me feel good and tasty to me as well but often end up with chocolate and biscuits, after which I just remorse and distended abdomen.

 Why do you do that when you and especially your body hurting?
EVA: is one of habits of women. Find Therefore ally for change.

Get rid of all cookies and buy it new. My Personal Blogs

Think, perhaps with the help of family, what would be a good idea to replace them. And when you then in the summer when going on holiday will bring on the plane biscuit for a snack, I will not hurt you.

MARTIN: has many reasons.
He wants to know the psyche and the reasons of the person concerned.
The first and most important step on the road to weight loss is to think...