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09 May 2014

Many women suffer from cellulite, especially in the area of the buttocks Does pregnancy affect cellulite and works to increase it?

The cellulite is fat, but fat in the form of blocks prominent and visible, just does not. Women are more susceptible to Balsilolit compared to men, because it is linked to the female hormone. Stores fat reserves when the girls at puberty in the usual feminine curves of the body. My Personal Blogs

Appear in women often, when their weight increases, lumps or bumps in the areas of the body more than the other, which is known in the cosmetics industry, "Balsilolit." But this word does not appear in many medical dictionaries.

There cellulite often on the thighs and...

06 May 2014

Body as it eats itself. Such a decrease in muscle tissue in particular is pretty staunchly reduces energy consumption and makes a person more prone to be overweight.Obtained by this effect, so to speak, into a clean, without any imitations? Do not appointed here patients diuretics and laxatives, does not contribute to the loss of adipose tissue,

 but result in the loss of water and minerals? This "water-electrolyte" weight loss rather onerous consequences for human health, on the cardiovascular system and in general, as reflected in weight loss in these people on their health? It is known that hungry diets directly lead to gastritis, peptic ulcer,
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30 Apr 2014
A very large difference between the phenomenon of cellulite , which is a metaphor for gathering water in the cellular tissue and between obesity or obesity, which is a metaphor for the gathering and the accumulation of fats in the body's tissues and arteries and whole cells.

 skin becomes thick and loses Aonth. It is a phenomenon are gradually but surreptitiously without feeling the person deformation Faalchukl: Click Here and Get

inflation, some areas of the body's natural, especially at the level of the basin is similar to a certain extent Jldalbertqal which is the most common Aghersa skin between two fingers and Hrkehma to feel the gathering of small nodules factors causing the appearance of...

28 Apr 2014
Warned that recent U.S. study conducted by researchers that indiscriminate use is calculated X-ray or X-ray "x-ray" when checking teeth, and pointed out that it raises the chances of the tumor meningitis, which is more images of brain cancer common in the United States.
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The results of the study revealed that people who have undergone to reveal their teeth by X-ray or more times each year, the greater the chances of having a tumor meningitis brain by 3-fold, compared to people who did not make those rays,

 the study added, that the seriousness of radiation reached the maximum when conducting on the teeth of young children, where the study indicated that children less than 10 years...

28 Apr 2014
A recent study conducted by researchers from Columbia University Medical Center for new discoveries predict the emergence of new drugs for the treatment of diabetes type II, and through the influence the hormone glucagon "glucagon", which has the effect opposite to the hormone insulin, which raises blood glucose levels.
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The researchers found that the new treatment for diabetes lies in the inhibition of one of the enzymes, which is secreted in the blood after be associated with glucagon receptors liver of its own, and who owns this enzyme plays an important role in increasing blood glucose levels, which sends a protein aid to the cell nucleus, and tells her to secrete glucose in the blood.

The researchers added...